Our Model of Care

Our care is structured around the Newcastle Model, with a particular focus on the resident’s life story, work experience, hobbies and interests which informs very personalised care planning and delivers better quality of life with good outcomes.

By using a structured therapeutic, recreational and diversional activity approach, our residents with dementia and behaviours that are frequently very challenging are supported in a highly personalised way, reflecting what is important or interesting to them.

There is particular emphasis on the interactions between the resident and carer.  All staff, from administration, catering, cleaning through to nurses and other clinicians are trained and we are about to roll this out to include families, carers and friends.  The Newcastle Model is fast becoming the model of choice for older adults with challenging behaviours.

Our planning begins with a full evaluation of the individual’s care needs.   Liaising closely with the resident, family and carers, we build up a picture of their life story, particular interests and experiences, like/dislikes.  This helps us to understand them better and to deliver care pathways which reduce the impact of cognitive and behavioural disturbances.

By investing this time in getting to know our residents, we are able to deliver a truly individual care pathway which is rewarding not only for the resident and for their family/carers but also for our care teams.