Active & Healthy Life

We strive to ensure residents have a healthy and happy and life by providing a range of therapeutic activities designed to keep them active. Our residents are given every opportunity to maintain and develop social, emotional and psycho educational skills, including communication and independent living skills, as agreed in their personal plan. Many social and recreational activities are organised and a full activities programme is displayed on each service.

We work hard to identify key interests and hobbies from the resident’s past to inform their daily living and to allow us to create meaningful activities and maximise their independence.

Following the recent redesign of our gardens, we have added raised kitchen/herb gardens to allow residents to enjoy planting and growing herbs and some vegetables for use in our menus.

Recognising that meal time is a key element of our residents’ day, we place great emphasis on our catering, ensuring a balanced, healthy and appetising choice of food. We happily cater for all types of special dietary requirements (faith driven, food intolerances, food preferences, swallowing issues, etc). Menus are published weekly and shared on our notice boards.

We love celebrations – birthdays, anniversaries, cultural days, national celebrations like Mothers’ day and Fathers’ day and we welcome families and carers to join with us in celebrating these significant events.

We understand the importance of encouraging people to lead an active and healthy life for as long as possible. Our team of Reminiscence Coordinators are focused on creating meaningful and relevant activities based around residents choices.