Living Eggs Programme at Waters Edge


Residents at a Great Wryley care home will be in for an “eggstra” special time as they watch chicks hatch in an incubator.

The cracking treat is in store for residents at Waters Edge Care Home, Stafford Road, Great Wryley next week.

The home is taking part in the “Living Eggs” programme, which aims to “show the miracle of life first hand”.

“Living Eggs” delivered eggs to the home on Monday 1st April. Deliver eggs, incubators and a brooder box, complete with heat, light, bedding, feed and water to keep the chicks cosy and comfortable, while the residents and staff can care for them and watch them hatch and grow.

Jenny Cowley, Reminiscence Co-ordinator at Waters Edge said: “All our residents love animals and it will give them a real interest to watch the chicks hatch out of the eggs and then to look after them and monitor their progress.

“It will be a real, therapeutic benefit to them and quite exciting.

“We are always looking to provide different types of activities for our residents and thought, especially with Easter coming, this would be a lovely experience for them.”